My New Bass from Warwick

I received a new bass guitar today from Warwick, one of my sponsors. I have only recently signed with Warwick, but they are the Lamborghini of bass guitars and I'm looking forward to rocking this new beast on stage.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

My new bass from Warwick (front)
My new bass from Warwick (back)

Thanks to everyone at Warwick, you guys rock! \m/

Warwick Bass

1 thought on “My New Bass from Warwick”

  1. Excellent choice of colour sandblast finish the matte-black hardware makes-it look Sinister awesome that it has passive pick-ups. Maybe on your YouTube channel you can give us a video of your new bass rig rundown. Hopefully soon we’ll get a Ashes Signature model


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